Thursday, February 6, 2014

Interview with a master By Jason Luke (full review)

Interview With A Master ★★★★★

Move over Christian Grey 2011 was your yr. In 2014 there a new man in town, and he's not only about to set the record straight on several topics of men, women and the BDSM lifestyle he's ready to tell you his story as he lived it.

So many men before him has attempted to tap into the minds of women.  I won't say the others failed, if I'm being completely honest alot of them came pretty close. Jonah Noble however,  finally got it right!  But he's completely humble about it as he'll be the first to tell you he's no expert!

Leticia Fall is  an upcoming journalist who's simply trying to make a name for herself.  Having done several interviews before, she never expected this one would not only change her outlook on what she thought she knew about the  BDSM lifestyle,  but also change her life forever.

My Thoughts:

I have read several books in this genre. Some were good  others just didn't cut it.  If your an avid reader of this genre like my self, I'm here to tell you.. Forget everything you have ever read!  EVERYTHING!!  Interview with a master completely stands out from the rest! Here's an example:

"A good master can be standing in a crowd or standing on a bright sunny beach. It shouldn't matter. When he speaks it is everything he stands for and represents that includes the woman to obey him. All the fancy props all the intimidating atmosphere in the world can't make a good master. Nor can it compel a woman to obedience. The man is all that matters"

I'm only going to say this once.. what ever book your reading right now, on February 8th 2014 put it aside. Find yourself a quiet place to read.. with an hr or two to spare.. an follow Jonah as he looks back on his past.
And be sure to have your BOB handy your gonna need it!!